Community Management

Effective communication with communities across the spectrum.

We engage communities on support portals, live updates and just ‘being there’ or ‘in-touch’. Coffee Cup makes the client feel that the brand is at arms length. We work on messaging platforms, feeds and similar portals that are designed by us.

Effectively, whether a school PTA, Cryptocurrency or a DAPP’s forum we make things happen. All community members are kept up-to-date. We give relevant answers to what people ask and keep them inquisitive. With our intervention, the community members plan and decide the next course of action on-the-fly.

We make forums available on messaging platforms or solutions that are infused into existing brand, product or service specific apps.

At CoffeeCup Ventures we handle these community queries with ease!. We have a dedicated and vibrant team that would familiarise content and context and give effective replies.

We execute effective conversations with a truly chatterbox team on various platforms. Our expertise is in Quora, Bitcointalk, Medium, WordPress, Telegram, Kakao Talk, Snapchat, WhatsApp & Discord. Translations are handled by us to communicate in multiple languages. The burden of constant communication is handled by us to let you concentrate on your core business.